100% Wellness is a brand under GIL Asia Limited. It started off selling different kinds of health foods in 2017 via online and offline platforms. In 2018, upon the launch of the 100% Wellness Online Shop, it has started specializing in selling Gluten-free products.

One of the founders family members suffers from gluten intolerance. It has brought to the companys attention that there is a genuine and growing need for a concentrated gluten-free foods platform in Hong Kong. Whilst different shops sell a few gluten-free items each, there so far has not been one place which concentratedly serves the gluten-allergic, gluten-sensitive, or gluten-intolerant community.

In hope to serve as many people in need as possible, 100% Wellness also strives to keep the product prices affordable; the shopping experience easy and mobile; and the product variety and inventory constantly updated and stocked up. As Hong Kong people are notorious for their very busy lifestyles, the company also offers free delivery service to any commercial addresses, SF stations, and SF lockers upon $300 Hong Kong Dollars purchases.

The company began its business by selling foods solely from Japan. In 2019, it has expanded its gluten-free supplies from other parts of the world for example, Australia. We are truly excited to see what the company shall grow to become.