“Gluten-free diet has changed my life.”; the reasons behind celebrities who follow Gluten-free diets:

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Everyone has a different reason for following a gluten-free diet. Some started it to treat their Celiac disease condition: Celiac disease carriers once consumed any product(s) with gluten will suffer from extreme reactions e.g. Full body hives, severe bloats, or even anaphylaxis and breathing difficulties. Others via trial and error figured out what they may be allergic to from their reactions to different foods, for example Gut issues, migraines, skin allergies (e.g. eczema, skin inflammatory), these are all chronic symptoms, which relate to gluten intolerance.  Below are a few celebrities who follow gluten-free diets. They all have their own stories of how their lives have changed since they have changed their diets. 

1. “Gluten-free diet has changed my life” – Novak Djokovic’s Gluten-free journey 

World’s champion and fourteen Grand Slam Tennis Winner Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic ain’t just an extraordinary tennis player, he is also a passionate advocate of health and diets. In 2013 he published a biography, “Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence”. In it, he has shared his journey to success and how a gluten-free diet has rejuvenated his health.

Djokovic’s parents run a pizza shop. He had been at a daily encounter with pizza and pasta, yet had no idea that he was allergic to gluten. As he grows older, he suffered from repetitive stomach or gut issues, dizziness, or fatigue which causes a lot of issues to his training. He has even blacked out in the middle of a match and called for an emergency exit. This is extremely unfavorable to his current success, so he went to the doctors immediately. This is when he was diagnosed as a celiac disease carrier and was suggested to take out gluten from his diet completely and immediately. 

Ever since he has started a gluten-free diet, his already slimmed figure body figure has suffered from weight loss. Yet he did not give up and continually stuck to the diet. Eventually, he became even quicker at matches; greatly reduced sickness; improved focus; and has never performed better. As he phrased it himself, “Gluten-free diet has changed my career and my life”. 

Recently he has been actively promoting a gluten-free and vegan diet. He opened a restaurant, “Novak” and a vegan restaurant “Eqvita”, which includes a specially designed gluten-free menu. Thanks to his active promotional activities, “gluten-free” has become an increasingly popular topic. 

2. From a messed-up life to a Wellness advocate – Golden Globe Award Best Actress – Gwyneth Paltrow.

A few years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow had been working unbelievably hard every day. The peak of her music career had resulted in her tours all over the world. Unfortunately, the stress she had to bear began to suffocate her. Alcohol, sleeping pills, and heart medicines had then become her frequent companion. She pushed till her limits are reached day after day, until one day, her body finally collapsed and developed a panic attack. 

After that, she started asking herself, “what has happened to her body?” Her doctor suggested her to take out sugar, dairy, gluten, coffee, eggs, meat and all preserved foods in her diet. Ever since she has changed her dietary habits, she realizes that whether it is her mental state, or her marriage has greatly improved. In 2013, she published “It’s all good” to share all different kinds of gluten-free recipes and how her health has rejuvenated from changing her eating habits. 

3. Gluten-free diet has cured my Migraine conditions! – Clean Market NYC founder and blogger Lily Kunin

New York famous wellness blogger Lily Kunin had been suffering from Migraine since she was a kid. Even with the highest dosage of the strongest medication, the condition hadn’t improved. She started looking into all possible causes and remembered that her grandpa was diagnosed as a Celiac Disease career. She suspected that she might also be allergic to gluten, hence started to take out gluten from her daily diets. Miraculously, her migraine is then gone. That was the first time she vividly saw how our daily diets can directly affect our health. 

All 9 years after that, she has been actively pursuing studies on Gluten-free and published “trusting your gut” - creating colorful and tasty gluten-free recipes. At the same time, she has also created Clean Food Dirty City and Clean Market NYC