100% Wellness H.K - Our Story

Posted On: Jul 18, 2018

Categories: Food

It’s what’s inside that counts especially when feeling good comes from within. We call ourselves 100% Wellness because it speaks to our aspiration to inspire as well as to nourish with products which we have brought together from all over Japan (soon to be all over the world).

We source and curate delicious, healthy food, drinks, ingredients and snacks then theme them into our specialised boxes which have been carefully thought out to nourish through every occasion that life might present.

We like to leave little notes, quotes, short stories, recipes and anything else that might motivate and inspire. Each of these items has been lovingly put together by our whole team in the hope of nurturing both the body and the soul.

We believe whole heartedly in complete well-being and to this end we wish you all, as well as your friends and family, 100% Wellness from inside out.

Be inspiring, and stay inspired.


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