Karuna Tandoori Vegetarian Ham [100g](3packs)

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·       Tandoori Flavored

·       100% made by High Quality Non-Genetically Modified Soy Beans

·       Vegetarian

·       GMO-free

·       Chemicals-free

·       No need to add/ remove water. Ready to cook right after the package is opened

·       No additional oil added

This pack contains


Product overview

Other Ingredients

vegetable protein(vegetable oil), soy protein powder (GMO-Free), soybean powder (GMO-Free), soy sauce(soy bean, wheat, salt), yogurt, ginger, lemon juice, seasoning, parika powder

* Some of the ingredients include milk, soybeans, wheat, and apples.

l   Avoid direct contact with the sunlight, high heat, or humidity

l   Best to store in the refrigerator after opening


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