Tamanoi Honey black vinegar diet [Blueberry Flavor] (24 packs)

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·       Gluten-free

·       No. 1 Gluten-free Drink in Japan

·       Japanese Rice Black Vinegar

·       Grape and Blueberry Juice is added to enhance the flavor and improve eyes heath

·       The acidity in the vinegar triggers our gut movements and enhances our appetite

·       Includes rich Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Fiber

·       Helps decrease Visceral Fat and improve the digestive system

·       Detoxicating

·       Improves overall skin complexion 

Product overview

Other Ingredients

Main Ingredients: Black vinegar, fruit juice (grape, blueberry), dietary fiber, honey, blueberry extract / acidulant, flavor, thickening polysaccharide, calcium carbonate, sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame K), fruit pigment, V.B6, V.E    

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