Mitake Gluten-free Bread Mix [300g]

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● Gluten-free

● Received the official Japan Non-Gluten Certificate. (**The most honorable certificate for gluten-free produces. Only products with less than 1ppm are certified.)

● Packaging includes a zipper design which helps for easier storage

● Made with rice

● Bread made from this mix is moist with just the right amount of fluff

● Good for bakery and dessert-making

● Does not contain the top 7 allergens




Product overview


Main ingredient: Japonica rice

Suggested Use

Can be used for cooking, bakery or dessert-making:

Cooking: Fried chicken, Baked rice dishes 

Bakery: Bread, cookies, buns

Dessert: Cupcakes, all sorts of cakes 

Others:  Okonomiyaki, Squid Burning

(Using the  65°C “Tongzhong” method to bake the bread with this bread mix for optimum quality)

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