Onisi Gluten-free Non-allergen Rice Seasoned Mushroom [100g]

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•100% Japanese rice

•White beech mushroom, Shiitake mushrooms, nameko mushroom and wood ear

•Known as “Magical Rice”

•Rice was all thoroughly washed, boiled, stirred, and dried until water content remains at 9% only

•This product is absent of all 27 allergens

•This product is light and can be stored for 5 years under room temperature

•Suitable for hiking, backpacking, travelling, or stored as emergency food

•Every packet also comes with a spoon for convenient reasons

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Product overview


Main Ingredients: Japonica rice (made in Japan), seasoning ingredients (salt, vegetable oil, white beech, mushroom, carrot, bamboo shoots, sugar, shitake mushroom, nameko mushroom, wood ear, boiled bracken fern, bonito extract, sorbitol, seasoning (amino acids), antioxidant (Vitamin E)

Do not contain 27 allergens:

Shrimp/prawn, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk and peanuts, abalone, squid, salmon roe, oranges, cashew nut, kiwifruit, beef, walnuts, sesame, salmon, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, bananas, pork, “matsutake” mushrooms, peaches, yams, apples and gelatin

Suggested Use

1. Open the package, spread out the bottom of the bag to make it stand.

2. Remove the "Ageless" deoxygenizing preservative packet and spoon. *Some products may contain a seasoning powder packet.

3. Fill the packet with hot (15 minutes) or cold water (60minutes) to the fill line.

4. Stir the rice to ensure flavorings are all well-mixed and ensure all seasoning dissolves.

5. Zip the top of the bag and wait until the rice is ready. *Wait for about 15minutes (20 minutes for red rice) in boiling water and 60 mins in cold water (15°C).

6. Open the zip-locked top, stir the rice gently, and enjoy your meal!

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