Murase Gluten-Free Rice Granola - Kinako (Japanese soy bean) [200g]

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•Use Akita Rice Flour, Apples, Pumpkin Seeds, Taro, Soy Beans, Red Beans

•Contains Plant Lactic acid bacteria, Oligosaccharide lactic acid bacteria which support digestive systems

•Medium Sweet

•Japanese certificated dietitian – Asuna recommended

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Product overview


Main Ingredients: Rice processed products (Japanese made rice powder), oatmeal, sugar, soy flour, coconut oil, mizuame, pumpkin seeds, processed red beans, fried sweet potatoes, apple processed products, soybeans, galactooligosaccharide powder, lactic acid bacteria (Sterilization) Powder / Emulsifier, Acidifier, Antioxidant (Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Rosemary Extract)

Suggested Use

Pair with milk or yogurt according to personal preferences.

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