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Our Story

Gluten free has become an increasingly hot topic globally. Interestingly gluten sensitivity and gluten allergies are definitely not something that just hit us. Rather, it is something that a lot of us have just discovered it is an actual problem.

Gluten is what that sticks a lot of carbohydrates and wheat products together. Nevertheless, it is a rather difficult one to digest. Hence, for some of us who is sensitive or allergic to Gluten, they stay in our bodies, bloat us, and potentially cause extreme pain depending on our sensitivity level. In short, it is just not pleasant.

Hence, even though a lot of you may have never been diagnosed as “Gluten-sensitive” or “Gluten-allergic”. Nevertheless, if you often suffer from bloating or stomach pain after certain foods, do take a test today to check your gluten tolerance just in case!

Now, scroll around our site and check out what do have; message us and let us know what we don’t; check out our blog, and our social media platforms to see different ways of using our products.

Last but not least, ENJOY!


Gluten-free Collection

My name is Amy, gratefully, I have a very mild gluten sensitive condition. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my father. He has been suffering from extreme bloats for years – causing him to feel stomach pain here and then. However, he did not find out the cause until about 2 years ago – he found out that he is highly allergic to gluten. Doctors start giving him medicine to dissolve and digest the gluten he has thus far consumed, and he started following a gluten-free diet. Now, he is finally getting better.

Gluten-free diet is definitely not an easy one to follow: A lot of our daily food includes Gluten, E.g. Bread, Noodles, Pasta, Congee, Cereal, Soup, even Soy Sauce… _etc. Hence, a lot of times when one tries to follow a gluten-free diet, he or she tends to have to give up a decent amount of our all-time-favorite foods. Or, keeping these foods in the diet which comes with an expensive price tag for every Gluten-free version of them.

This just doesn’t seem fair to me, hence I proposed to start this 100% Wellness H.K. business which sells different health food and health food boxes, but mainly focuses on Gluten-free products and awareness. We source high quality Gluten-free products from mostly Japan (and will later source from all around the world), and make them available to ALL OF YOU at a reasonable price. This way, no one with gluten sensitivity or allergy is excluded from the opportunity to enjoy these products.

We will continually be expanding our collection. Please do message us at any time if you or your friends and family have ANY gluten-free products or categories which we do not yet have. We want to ensure that YOU guys get what YOU want and need!


We source and curate the finest food products that Japan has to offer. We’ve sorted all our products into themed boxes for all types of everyday situations so whether you’re planning a sit down dinner, looking for a post workout treat or just grabbing a quick meal on the go, we’ve got you covered.

Our Products

We’re excited by food and we hope you are too. We’re constantly on the hunt for new, delicious products to create that sense of anticipation and discovery that comes with opening every 100% Wellness box. Here are a few of our favourites!