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Our Story

100% Wellness H.K. brand and Gluten-free online shop is set up in 2018 under our mother company GIL Asia Limited (since 1992). We source high quality products from mainly Japan and curate them into beautiful theme boxes lovingly designed by our team. Our mission is to design different collections which address the different focuses and concerns of our life-loving, health-conscious community.

Every season to every year, we will be expanding our collections one-by-one to ensure that we have the best products that best suit your needs in every single one of our themes. So now come browse around our site, our Facebook, and Instagram to see our first-focused boxes and products!

Gluten-free Collection

My name is Amy, gratefully, I have a very mild gluten sensitive condition. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my father. He had suffered from extreme bloats for years – causing him to feel stomach pain here and then. However, he did not discover the cause until about two years ago when he was diagnosed to be highly allergic to gluten. Doctors gave him medicine to dissolve and digest the gluten he had consumed over the years. Then to maintain his health after, he has started following a gluten-free diet as much as he can. Now, he is finally getting better.

Gluten-free diet is definitely not an easy one to follow: A lot of our daily foods contain gluten. For example: Bread, Cakes, Cookies, Cereals, Noodles, Pasta, Porridge, Soup, and even various Seasonings and Sauces. The types of food which contain gluten are countless. Hence, a lot of times when we try to follow a gluten-free diet, we feel forced to give up a decent amount of our all-time-favorite foods. 

Thanks to our mother company GIL Asia Limited - In 2018, we had started our 100% Wellness H.K. brand and online business which sells different health food and health food boxes cater to different specific needs. In 2019, we have started our first focused collection: Gluten-free - We focus on raising the Gluten-free diet awareness and provide different Gluten-free food products at a reasonable price for all. 

We source high quality Gluten-free products from mostly Japan at the moment (and will later source from other places globally). We will constantly improve and expand our collection; Ensure that we always offer you the best prices; Deliver your favorite GF products and gift boxes to yours and your beloveds' doorstep; Try our best to make sure that your order is available for pick-ups as well at points which are most convenient to you. 

Our mission is to best serve our gluten-free community in Hong Kong. So please do message us at any time if you or your friends and family have ANY gluten-free products or categories which we do not yet have. We want to ensure that YOU guys get what YOU want and what YOU need. 

Now browse around at our site and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our all most updated news and deals! 



We source and curate the finest food products that Japan has to offer. We’ve sorted all our products into themed boxes for all types of everyday situations so whether you’re planning a sit down dinner, looking for a post workout treat or just grabbing a quick meal on the go, we’ve got you covered.